Empathy. Education. Evolution.

Introducing TEDxMalvern’s 2020 Theme

Empathy. Education. Evolution:

Our Theme is about moving forward together and thriving as a connected society.

Transcending generations and bridging the gap across demographics, connecting all with the concerns that ultimately affect all and are not concerns perceived to be solely affecting one or other single demographic.

Human Concerns

How do we attempt positive change in areas of society that aren’t working for the good of all beings and for the planet? How do we engage generations of people who have lived through completely different times and live in the same age, with an entirely different viewpoint on life, humanity and the future?

Those are just the beginnings of the questions that we hope to raise for 2020’s event. 

Whether it’s the future and preservation of our delicate natural world, the balance of our nation’s mental and physical wellbeing, or the rapidly developing worlds of technology and science we are surrounded by, particularly here in Malvern. Now is the time to move away from social media, get in the same room and share ideas that will mould and shape the future for the better.

TEDxMalvern – Year 4

For the 4th year, TEDxMalvern is about bringing big ideas from all members of our community together. Those who are driving innovation, challenging concepts, breaking norms and pushing boundaries.

We aim to bring together all ages of the Malvern community to share some of the most exciting projects, facilities, visions and ideas. This is an ideal way for each generation to learn and share from each other. People from different backgrounds – bringing together those whose paths may not necessarily cross, sparking curiosity and creating new relationships.

Ready to hit the TEDxMalvern stage and share your message?

If you have a big idea that you’d like to share with Malvern, Worcestershire and the world then please head to our application page to submit your ideas to become a speaker at TEDxMalvern2020, which is now open and accepting submissions until 31st October 2019.