Cate Cody

Cate Cody is a passionate life-long environmentalist and advocate of green living and much of her time is spent helping to achieve change and a more sustainable society.

Cate has lived in Gloucestershire for twenty-five years and is famous for not putting her landfill bin out (nearly three years, hopefully longer).  She has been elected onto Tewkesbury Borough as their first Green Councillor.  Cate is also a musician and enjoys researching the Golden Age of Jazz in order to relay the full and rich history of the era when performing. She is lucky enough to be accompanied by some of the UKs finest musicians. She also enjoys Lindy Hop dancing and exploring our beautiful countryside on long walks.

We are running out of landfill which was never perfect, but incineration and it’s toxic particles are certainly not the answer. Many people are now aware of excess packaging and waste and are looking for solutions…Cate has several.”

Cate’s passionate and inspiring talk is about her own environmentally conscious lifestyle which includes sending less than a wheelie bin to landfill in three years. Come and find out how Cate Cody (life-long environmentalist, ace waste-reducer and writer of the ‘Eco Cody’ blog) does it. Plenty of tips and encouragement if you are interested in achieving something similar.

“Life changing.”

“A great insight into a committed lifestyle”

“Thought-provoking and inspiring.”