Cathy Garner – 2019

Cathy Garner is a coach to leaders, individuals and couples in the Science of Relationships, helping them transform the way they relate to others. As a relationship expert, coach, TEDx speaker and creator of Vision Portraits, I help people create clarity and teach evidence-based relationship skills that enable them to achieve their goals and visions.

Cathy’s MSc in Strategic Leadership inspired me to ensure that everything I do is rooted firmly in the science of relationships, tested through my own experience and that of those I’ve worked with. I coach people to lead themselves and others, aligning their vision, mindset and skillset with their purpose and passion. I create vision portraits for leaders, individuals and couples, teach online and face to face courses, and deliver bespoke one-to-one, one-to-two, and group coaching in the areas of leadership, relationships, vision and purpose.

As a speaker, she talk about how to transform the relationships we have with ourselves and others, by seeing ourselves as creators, rather than victims of Fate, teaching evidence-based skills that inspire people to reflect on the visions, dreams, and purpose they have for their lives.

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