Damian Mark Smyth – 2019

Damian Mark Smyth is the best-Selling Author of ‘The Entrepreneur Success Formula’, ‘Do Nothing!’, ‘How to be Stree-Free in 24 Hours’ and is an International Consultant and Speaker. He has hosted 42 episodes of the ‘Rethink Everything’ Podcast, helping Entrepreneurs break free of old patterns of behaviour and limiting beliefs to tap into the infinite potential of Quantum possibility. 

The human brain is a complex and capable organ that we each have but often don’t fully understand. At times, our minds can help us be innovative and entrepreneurial, at other times they can drive us to depression and despair.

This talk examines how we can take better control of our thoughts and direct them towards making a positive impact on our lives. Working with entrepreneurs, business owners and veterinary professionals delivering mindset workshops globally to increase performance and improve mental health and wellbeing.

BBC and Thrive Global contributor, best-selling author of Do Nothing! & The Entrepreneur Success Formula. Host of 42 podcasts on mindset and entrepreneurship (Rethink Everything). Enthusiastic ballroom dancer and part-time comedian.

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