Sam Warner

Sam helps people to find their voice, increasing their confidence and encouraging them to actively look for opportunities to speak in the future. Whether they are a novice or stepping up onto a bigger stage she takes them from terrified to terrific!

Sam also works with Autistic adults, their friends, their family and their co-workers to leverage their talents by providing an interpreter service and training courses to enhance communication and behaviours. She regularly speaks to local groups to increase awareness and education for both Autistic and non-Autistic adults.

Sam Warner: “Becoming self-aware is the key that opens the door to enlightenment (Knowledge, Freedom and Happiness).  Most people don’t understand the impact they have on the world.  When they open their mouth without thinking, when they react instinctively instead of consciously and when they feel they are waiting for something good to happen to them; they are existing, not living”

Sam’s talk explores the benefits of becoming self-aware, asking for feedback from others and taking productive action by giving yourself permission.  The awareness could start as early as primary school (Education); imagine removing the need to feel powerful over another human. Bullying would evaporate, empathy and sympathy would proliferate (Empathy), tolerance and patience would be the norm. The benefits can also be realised for those who are Autistic or diverse in other ways. Enabling self-advocacy and independence through encouragement and support.

In a mostly intolerant, judgemental and divisive world we’ve got to start somewhere. (Evolution)