Stephen Ward-Smith – 2017

In your everyday life, you use many different products that contain particles, most of which have been tailored by formulation scientists. The coffee we drink, the toothpaste we squeeze, the chocolate we eat, all have been designed to behave in a certain way. This talk provides some insight into the world of materials characterisation and why these and other common products behave as they do.

Material Science Chemistry, Particles, Analytical science, Taste, Dispersion Dr Stephen Ward-Smith has a BSc in Chemistry from Manchester University, a Masters in Biomolecular Technology from Leicester University and a PhD in Physical Chemistry from Nottingham University.

He has worked for Malvern Panalytical initially as a technical support specialist and for the last 10 years as a Key Account Manager looking after large multinational customers. Steve also is passionate about international standardisation and represents the UK / BSI on several ISO committees and is the global chair of the ISO group looking at the measurement and uses of fine and ultrafine bubbles.

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